Summer School 2024 - Yearbook Magazine + The Home Team Cassette with Hand-Signed Postcard -Gold

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Celebrate the hottest tour of the summer with this special A5 Summer School souvenir magazine, featuring all-new interviews with Stand Atlantic, Magnolia Park, Scene Queen, The Home Team, Honey Revenge and Letdown.

This item is a preorder item which will be shipping w/c July 8th, 2024.

Release: July 12th, 2024
The Home Team - 'The Crucible Of Life' gold cassette:
Side A:

1. Turn You Off
2. Brag
3. Love & Co (ft. Intervals)
4. Roommates
5. Overtime
6. Honest 

Side B: 

1. Somebody Else's Face (ft. Broadside)
2. Walk This World With Me
3. All Squeezed Out 
4. Hell 
5. Love When You're Used
6. Loud 

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